Channel Islands 4-15

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    Got a late start Sat launching out of Oxnard a little after 630. Normally I don't fish the weekends but with the weather forecast why not. Ramp was not too bad. Pin head anchovies at the receiver so we skipped the bait and had 5 lbs of squash. Stopped at Gina to try and make a few macks but no luck. Could have made a better effort and maybe get a few but I was ansey to get fishing. Headed to the arch and there were around 30 boats on the anchor. Putted around, didn't see any action so rounded the point and made a few drifts tight to the island. Put a few drifts in for nada. Headed early to the gap to get our rockfish groove on. Did a few drifts for the usual gap rockfish with a few decent ones in the box. Enjoying the good tunes and beer/ weather I am bouncing my rockfish jig and just get freight trained. Ripped about 30 yards and POP! Dam, oh well. So we did a few more drifts and headed to yellowbanks to fire up the grill for some chicken carni and a few drifts. Released a few calico's and a short barracuda. I was ready for a early start home and my crew wanted to do a few more rf drifts. Since its on the way back we stopped and did a few. On the last drift closer to Capa I get ripped hard. This time I was a little better geared as the first time was on the light 20 lb setup. This time I had 30lb. Full drag and winched this homegard up to the boat. Lucky it bit the fake lucanus jig as the shimano ones have light hooks that bend. Dropped iron after for 30 min and called it a day. Smooth weather back to the ramp, friendly DFW to greet us at the ramp. Didn't look so friendly for the guys docking up next to us. Looked like short lings coming out of the cooler...

    gap 4-15-17 1.jpg

    gap 4-15-17 2.jpg

    gap 4-15-17 3.jpg
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    Nice yellow Pat. Persistence paid off, right on. :)
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    I am a little late to the party but great job. Nothing beats a surprise yellow.
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