Casitas hook up on the family Vacation

Discussion in 'Freshwater Reports' started by Carpfisher, Jul 1, 2010.

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    Well guys, I had so much fun on my family vacation at Lake Casitas, I now fish in my sleep, I am even more obsessed about getting my fishing kayak than ever.
    If it wasn't for the fact that my wife had what was probably a bass on the line, it shook out the hook after uh 10-15 seconds, but she was stoked and could feel my pain. I'm saving ever penny. ETA 3 weeks till funds are in order.
    Now for the report
    Fri nite. full moon, threw the zara spook and soaked a night crawler for about1.5 hours-nothin
    Sat All day nothin but I learned a lot about chad. I had bass take my worm in his mouth for about 6" then spit it out, right there in front of me, damn
    Then I met a very smart Father and Son team from Santa Paula. Dave and Brian.
    They shared their shad and I caught a 9" bluegill. Brian a bass.
    Sun, rented a boat and went around to a few places, no luck,
    so I actually went to a hole I knew of right near the fishing dock
    Within 5 min. POW!!! 20" sweet trout
    Quick rebate and even quicker POW!!!! 15" BASS
    No mas for an hour then I take fish to camp, lunch etc
    Where to go on round 2-back to hole of course
    Get this-and remember I'm very new to all fishing in general
    Within 5 min I hook what the concensus is a very large catfish
    For exactly 35 min I battle the beast in front of a jam-packed fishing pier
    Even made a phone call for advice.
    BUT-DUE TO MY LACK OF EXPERIENCE- the line broke at 35 min.
    Clean beak right above the palomar knot of the hook-carolina rig
    Oh yea this was all on an Ugly Stick my Mom gave me a year ago , less than 6 feet tall with very light, 4 or 6 lb line-its hard to tell
    I knew the line was light and was being careful but, CCCRRRRAAAAPPPP !!!!!!!
    Man did that stick look like the letter U
    Then Tues another 9" bluegill at a different location
    So thanks for hearing my new guy fishing story it great to tell it to others
    who are on the same page as you
    Am I not the only one to lose a fish after a fairly long fight
    Is that what they call a mystery fish
    Thanks for letting me post here in Kayaks as that truly is my goal
    It seems like rougher and tougher fishing, Self suffitency fishing.
    I raced mountain bikes for ten years and that was also the deal-being prepared.Now lets see if I can add my pics. Might have to wait till tonight
    for my wifes help
    Stay tuned
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    I could see your hooked!

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